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Several years ago, I was led, by God, to walk around a former church's grounds, praying as I walked. Afterward, I found myself about five miles up the street, parked in front of a friend's daycare center. I began to pray for many things that she faced in day-to-day operations. These two places became a regular part of my weekly routine. Several months later, I began to receive answered prayers concerning the things about which I was praying. Today's Covid

situation has burdened my heart to return and also encourage others to Park & Pray.

The Veteran's hospital in Dublin, Georgia has been my deepest prayer concern for the last year or so.

Please join me in remembering some of the requests shared by Chaplain Lindsay. Pray for:

  1. Nurse Anita Foreman who lost her son, Dr. Stuckey and his entire family, in a horrific traffic accident on I-16 last March 2021, Ms. Matthis who lost her son in an automobile accident, and Ms. Robinson who lost her sister recently.

  2. The new Medical Center Director and his leadership team.

  3. Their New Fisher House construction and the new construction of Primary Care and Women's Clinic.

  4. Their hospital staff and patients who have tested positive for COVID 19, also pray for health, healing, and wholeness.

  5. All their doctors, nurses, and support staff, on the front line, providing rural health care and also for the veterans who need care in remote locations.

  6. Veterans and staff who may be experiencing vaccination hesitancy.

  7. VA regularly-scheduled food drives for the purpose of reaching out to our local community.

  8. Our face-to-face chapel services for our patients and staff.

  9. Our residential treatment program here at our VA, substance abuse, PTSD, and the homeless program.

  10. All the chaplains and their ministries to patients and staff. Peace and blessings.

  11. I am sure that the list can go on and on. May you allow God to direct you regarding how to Park & Pray for others.


Mark your calendar for Ga Missions' Building Project December 17, 2022 fundraiser.

• Your faithfulness is needed for the prayer list and enclosed support information.

• Special thanks to the amazing Gwinnett college students and their instructors who are

reconstructing Ga Missions' website.

Forever Grateful For Your Support

Missionary Annette E. Smith, Director

Georgia Missions Ministry, Inc.


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