"The Future Eason Serenity House"

(Building a New Place of Dreams/Phase 1)

The  Eason / Serenity House will be the main home and site of The Georgia Missions Ministry Incorporated and its Director , Missionary Annette E. Smith. This future site will serve as the vehicle to help transform the lives of growing Christians. It will be outside of the city of Glennville, Georgia on the west side of town, constructed on the old property site of the late Shilo & Ida Mae Eason homestead in the White-Pine Community.

This facility will serve a two-fold purpose. Phase one will meet the much-needed home base for Georgia Missions Ministry. The day-by-day operation of the ministry, office work,  storage, outreach, planning, and meetings will take place at this facility. Cultivating the land in partnership with the Community Outreach Project will also be a part of a service to the local community and others reached with home-grown vegetables and the Gospel. Doors will also be open for missionaries and Christians workers passing through the area.


Phase two of the home will meet the needs of the ministry in weekly housing mentors and those being mentored for their spiritual and all-rounded basic growth as young Christians.  This missionary home in the south will be a fresh new insight for young Christians with the need of a well-rounded life for their success in Christ and the world.