Mrs. Pamela Bryant Young

Born: 8/27/1958 

Deceased: 4/20/2014

I will never forget meeting Pam around 1996 during her studies at Carver Bible College after my return from a 3 years’ missionary trip in Philadelphia, PA. Ms. Pam, at that time, thought it was funny when I was introduced to her as a home missionary. She had wondered “Who had ever heard of a home missionary who was a women and black?” Three years later, Pam started her own ministry, AIM (Accountability In Ministry). Pam always soared as an outstanding young lady, but even more so as a Christian. She enhanced my life as a missionary and friend from Carver Bible College, Pam earned her Bachelors of Theology. There was never a dull moment for her. Just before her death on Resurrection Sunday, Pam received her Doctor of Ministry degree. I miss you lady, your eternal Sister in Christ. AES.