Ms. Sallie Mingo

Born: 10/7/1943

Deceased: 1/27/2014

The life of Sallie affected the souls of many throughout the states. Her dedication in supporting Georgia Missions Ministry and the Women's Chit Chat Fellowship was endless, even in her sickness. Her knowledge of life and survival made her wisdom valuable to all that she met. Her total involvement  and her personal interaction with people were priceless. Her common quote was "I can communicate with anyone from the crack-house to the White House." And she could!

Sallie will always be loved for her grateful spirit and giving of gifts for any occasion. Sallie will be deeply missed because of her open spirit and her ability to share on any subject of interest. She will also be remembered for her endless knowledge of how and where to shop for any item and for her exquisite taste in food and where to find it.