Annette E. Smith

As co-director of this team of women, I'm most honored to work with them under the instructions of our Heavenly Father. He has faithfully guided us over the years. The secret to our success is OBEYING HIM.


Bonnie Butler

Bonnie is a supportive and superb assistant. She is faithful and dedicated to the cause of this fellowship. We appreciate the length of time she have been with us and the many positions served.

Assistant Director

Carrol Maddox

Carrol is well-equipped in character, personality, and skills for the position she serves. We appreciate her long and loyal dedication to this fellowship.

Registrar/ Business Mgr.

Delores Young

Delores is an energetic Christian who brings energy and excitement to our team. Her instructions keep us all on our toes. We deeply appreciate all that she contributes.

Health Fitness Coordinator

Ruth Johnson

Ruth is small in stature but powerful spiritually. Her humility always amazes me. I highly respect and appreciate the spiritual creativity she brings to the fellowship.

Spiritual Coordinator

Karen Garrett

Karen is an excellent Christian with a heart's desire to serve. Her talents and gifts are displayed through her service to others. She makes my job easier. It's an honor to have Karen as part of this team.

Purchasing Mgr.

Teresa Hurst

Teresa's skills in electrics are priceless. She also comes with a warm and sweet spirit of respect and helpfulness. Her talents and skills greatly enhance this ministry. It's an honor to work and have her as part of this team.

Tech Coordinator

Cierra Ford

Cierra, a bright, radiant , caring, young teen Christian with many talents, brings joy to all whom she meets. It's an honor to serve and see her level of knowledge, excitement and energy with the youth in action.

Teen Member

Gladys Smith

Ms. Gladys continually inspires our group with her world-wide travel experiences. She's always available to encourage and support this ministry. Thanks Mrs. Gladys for always keeping us informed. We love you.


Juanita Ashford

Mrs. Ashford has faithfully supported, motivated, and encouraged the ministry for the Women Chit Chat Fellowship from the first beginning. We welcome and honor her as a godly woman with wisdom, courage, and integrity. We love you Mrs. Ashford.


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