Annette E. Smith

Annette, the founder and director of this ministry, has a desire to be the best that  she can be for the growth of God's Kingdom. It is an honor to serve by Sharing, Teaching, Encouraging, and Winning souls.


Rev. Robert Wagstaff

Robert is a superb brother with integrity. He is a husband, pastor, and also a father of two adult boys. Robert has been involved with this ministry from the beginning. It is a privilege to have him as our treasurer.


Wanda Turnipseed

Wanda, an outstanding wife, and mother, bring freshness and vibrancy to the board. Her skills and knowledge in the work force are much needed. We appreciate her for being a part of this team of believers.


Bonnie Butler

Bonnie, an amazing wife and mother, has been friends with Director Annette since childhood. She also have amazing abilities in many areas. The skills she brings to this ministry are very valuable.


Lenton Butler

Lenton "Lent" is appreciated for his outstanding skills in many areas. Lent, a dedicated husband and father of two adult children, has a quiet and mild spirit. It's an honor to have him on board.


Lawshe' Smith

Lawshe' is an amazing young man with many skills. He is able to bring wisdom and fresh ideas  to the board. It is an honor to have him participating with this team of mature Christians.


Deandre' Turnipseed

DeAndre' is an inspiring and hardworking construction manager and minister. He is a dedicated husband and father of adult children. He has supported this ministry and its director over the years. It is an honor to have him as a part of this board.


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